Q: Can parents watch our classes?


A: Unfortunately not. The main reason being that children just don't concentrate with parents in the room, so it ends up being more disruptive in the long run. We will provide a waiting room that parents are welcome to sit in to wait, with a window so that you can occasionally glance in to check on the class and how your child is doing. Again, we don't advise that you stand there for the whole class as this can be very off putting for little ones especially. It also encourages children to get that social interaction with others without you around. If there are any problems whilst the class is running then you will be notified. We will also hold presentation classes throughout the year where you are welcome to come along and see how your child is progressing.



Q: Can parents drop chidren off and pick up at the end of the class?


A: Yes. You are very welcome to drop off your child/children and leave them with us. All of our staff are DBS/CRB checked and all dance teachers are fully qualified, so be assured that your children are left in safe hands. 



Q: Does my child need to be toilet trained?


A: Ideally yes, although if your child is very close to being potty trained and you are confident that you could send them to class in pull ups with few accidents then we accept this too. 



Q: Is it ok to join anytime?


A: Yes. You don't need to wait for a specific time in the term to join us, but if you could contact us to let us know if you are thinking of coming along, then we know to expect you.



Q: Is payment for classes weekly, monthly or termly?


A: We take payment for classes on a monthly basis so that parents dont have to find a large amount up front for classes termly, though we do offer the option to pay termly if you prefer.



Q: What should my child wear to classes?


A: Something that your child will feel comfortable in and not too restricting - eg. Leggings and a t-shirt/vest top for the girls and tracksuit bottoms/shorts and tshirt for the boys. Bare feet for ballet and modern classes and school shoes or something similar for tap.



Q: Is there a required uniform?


A: Yes this a regulation uniform available to buy and the correct unifrom will be needed for exams. A uniform will also give your child a sense of belonging.



Q: Do you do exams?


A: Yes, all children will be given the opportunity to do exams under the International Dance Teachers Association. It will NOT be made compulsory, and if you feel like you do not want your child to participate then this is fine, however, it is a great experience for them and also good to build their confidence. All International Dance Teachers Association exams are government recognised and count towards UCAS points when applying to universities. 



Q: Are your staff qualified?


A: Yes. This is something that we are very passionate about here at Instep Academy. Our teachers are all fully qualified and experienced in their field. All teachers hold a current and up to date DBS/CRB checks.



Q: How much does it cost?


A: Please see our class prices list for more information. 




















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